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Originally Posted by G26S239 View Post
Why don't you just move out here to CA so you can enjoy the benefits of having every firearm transfer of yours require an FFL and the attendant back ground check instead of trying to foist it off on those who don't want it? In addition to that reasonable requirement you get a 10 day wait placed on your property, can't buy any magazines over 10 rounds and can only order from an approved Safe Handgun List. It is a true paradise for people like you. Come on out - Live The Dream!

Oh, as a final selling point more reasonable restrictions are being proposed every year.
I use to rotate - 3 weeks in Texas then 2 weeks in California - did this for about 2 years straight -

California is nice place to visit - but I would not want to live there.

I can't understand how so many misread what I am saying.

In general all I want is for pro gun legislators to take a leadership role instead of just always playing defence. Be willing to work on real solutions that keep guns away from criminals and crazy people - and negotiate to eliminate some anti gun BS stuff that doesn't work.

Why not try and develop a better way to keep guns from criminals and mentally ill?

Who do you think can do a better job coming up with things that would actually work - pro gun or anti gun officials?

We may even increase gun ownership and expand the rights of legal gun owners?

California may be too far gone to save - further proof that just playing defence doesn't work.

Lose enough elections because of ideological stupidity (not just gun issues) and you end up with SUPER MAJORITIES of "progressive liberals" that love to tax and hate guns.

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