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You must have done everything you expect from your troops. If they are directing traffic in the rain at a major accident, you occasionally have to let them see you soaking wet too.

If they are wading into a bar fight, you either need the street creds for wading into bar fights, or, every once in awhile, be with them when they do.

Jump hot calls. Let them hear you on the radio. Its hard for them to sit in the 7-11 drinking a slurpee if they hear you jumping calls. (if its not hard for them, it needs to be).

Let them be themselves. Everybody has a slightly different way of doing things. Some may work better than the way you did it. If it achieves the goal, is morally right and, within policy, let them have at it.

Look sharp. They better not ever look better than you. They can look as good, not better. (well, maybe a little)

Make decisions and stand by them. When I am asked how to handle a certain problem, my finishing quote is usually: "And, if anybody asks, tell them your Sergeant told you to do it that way." I got 27 years in. 15 years as a Sergeant. What are they going to do to me? As long as my decision was honest, had integrity, was lawful and was generally within policy, I assume they let me be a Sergeant to make decisions, I did. Somebody above me not happy with it, come to me, not my people.
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