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Originally Posted by Vincent Black View Post
Well, I shot 100 rounds through it, the good news is not one single jam, stove pipe, or any other problem, not even one single BTF, though I did have a couple land on my right shoulder and bounce off.

The bad news is that most of my shots were low left and some were left. I should also say that most of the time I was shooting strong hand only (Right handed), the few times I did use a two handed hold, I did better, but that's not much of a surprise, lol.
Glad to hear it worked well for you.

The low/left for a right-handed shooter happens when as you pull the trigger your other fingers are also tightening on the pistol's grip, pulling it down/left. Lefties will go high/right.

This is quite common. Practice moving only your trigger finger as it's not a normal thing to move just one, it takes getting used to.

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