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I have my father's Lyman turret. I set it up for 45ACP thinking I wouldn't be shooting much 45ACP. It is faster and more convenient than a single stage. I can drop powder and then seat the bullet without handling the case. I don't need to screw around with a loading block. I use a handprimer because the priming parts are missing. So, I resize/deprime and put the sized case in a bucket. I can go through a hundred or so fairly quickly. Then I run them through a handprimer and into a bucket. Then I place a primed case in the shellholder and expand/charge it, turn the turret and seat a bullet.

I usually do one step for about 20 minutes a night. I'll pop in my room and size a bunch of cases. The next night I'll prime them. And then the next night I'll "load" them. There is only one night that I really need to pay attention to what I'm doing.

I use a Lee autodisk that I bought to dedicate to this set up and the Lee dies with the PTE die, so I don't have to screw around with handling charged cases and spilling them or worse, loosing track of what I'm doing. The charged case immediately gets a seated bullet.

It's abit cumbersome and I might just get the parts to convert my Pro1000 for 45ACP. The Lee turret would be better than what I'm doing, but this press was sitting on the floor looking lonely. It's kind of cool to be using it the way my father was 40 years ago.
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