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I don't use what we use in the military because it is junk. We got ahold of some Militec-1 when I was in Iraq in 2009 and 2010, and it is far superior. I'm not saying it the best as I don't want someone that hasn't used it to start calling me an idiot for using it because they don't think it comes in a pretty bottle, but it works for me. I have used quite a few in the past, and probably won't use Militec-1 forever, but right now, that's what I run. If you follow the instructions, you can wipe most of it off and it still works, which is the reason CLP doesn't work. You have to run an M4 really wet if you use CLP and it attracts sand like a magnet. Frog Lube and Ballistol claim the same thing. I have tried Ballistol and had no problems with it except for it smells like silly string, and I haven't tried Frog Lube just because I have a whole lot of Militec-1 right now, and have no need to try something new since what I have works.
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