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Originally Posted by Just_plinking View Post
I really enjoyed that thread about "creepy things in the woods" or whatever it was, but it died a long time ago so...

I wanted to make a thread about creepy evil things that you have encountered personally (more creepy woods stories fit the bill also) that make your hair stand on end, material or not.

I had one.

I was about 9 or so. My dad went into walmart and left me and and my brother in the truck (he was about 5). Some guy came up to my window, and started asking me about the trim on the tailgate (our truck was a '90 ranger lariat, with factory trim). He was saying He had a ranger, and wanted to get "that tailgate cover" on his truck, and would I please come out and show it to him.

My "this ain't right" meter went off, so I stayed in the truck and told him my dad would be back, and he could tell him about it. The guy just kept trying to coax me out of the truck, then eventually left.

When my dad got back, I told him what happened, but he dismissed it, and we went on our way. I wish I was more mature at the time because I now know that he was a child molester, and was trying to abduct me at the time. I feel bad, because If i'd known better, we could have alerted the cops, and tried to stop him. But I was a naive kid, and didn't really understand.

I have no doubt that if I got out of that truck, i'd probably have ended up dead. I'm glad I listened to my gut.

I'm pretty sure I was face to face with evil that night, anyone else got a similar story?
Something similar happened to me...but a little bit "smuttier". I was 12-13 at the time, my dad was assigned to an AF base in Japan (military) and my brothers and I got turned loose at a resort-like hotel with a bunch of quarters for the pinball machines (it was a WHILE ago!)

So I am minding my own business wasting quarters and this younger Japanese female (late teens / early 20s) comes in the game room. She makes it VERY clear that she was very "interested" in me via "physical" contact. Never having had ANYTHING like this happened, I was quite happy to have her continue these activities...

After a while, she invites me out to her 12 year old mind thought this was AWESOME! We get out to the car and an American DUDE (obviously a civilian in hindsight) was in the car! At this point, the "nethers" were still thinking in place of my cranium...not a smart move.

so to allay any panic on my part (I think) he tells her to take her top off (we are all in the car...he's in front and we are in back) which was QUITE appealing to a boy my age. Things are "progressing" between the girl and I...UNTIL the guy told us to continue as he was going to drive us off.

Survival instinct kicked in and and I got OUT of the car and RAN back into the hotel!

There is no telling what could have happened...
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