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Originally Posted by whoflungdo View Post
Trading one infringement for another infringement is not negotiating. Please explain anytime in history that we got more than we gave up when it comes to gun infringement. I'm using we and including you in the we, but I'm still skeptical you are part of we. You are the one living in fantasy land if you think we (Gun owners/lobbyist) can convince the antis to allow guns in schools or any of the other things on your "wish list" for UBC.

I see you have abandoned your inaccurate analogies. That's a good first step.
That is easy

Think any state that had previously banned all CC has now brought it back?

But were able to get it back with conditions (infringements).

Things like background checks, pass a written test, show some level of shooting proficiency --

You think people in these states are better off with no CC - or CC with "infringements"?

The people in these states accepted they had already lost the right to CC - then negotiated a change - gaining back a lost right.

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