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Thank you for the comments and education. Pity there was not a way to do background checks anonymously, but that, of course, would be impossible.

So I have been educated once again and appreciate it. Universal background checks = de facto registration.

So, we have come full circle. No more laws. No more restrictions. Enforce the present laws; i.e. the law that prohibits felons and those with mental health issues from even possessing a firearm.

Let's define what an assault weapon is - it is a fully automatic firearm or one that has been converted to act as fully automatic. Federal laws in place for that already too. Enforce them.

Get rid of gun-free zones for those that have concealed carry permits especially. The only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun quickly is a good guy with a gun. The bad guy either gets taken down, or as we have been seeing, the moment resistance appears, commits suicide. OK by me.

Let's protect our kids. Seems we protect our airlines by permitting crew to carry concealed onboard and by having armed skymarshalls, why not the same in our schools? If it is time for action, it falls upon "We the People" to take that action and stop depending on hired help to do so.

And while we are on the subject, how about throwing in a National Reciprocity Act for those that possess concealed carry permits and have been vetted through NICS? I travel a bunch and it is a huge pain in the arse to pack the gun into a safe in the back of the SUV every time I enter a state that I cannot protect myself and my family in. Besides, do I not have the right to keep and bear arms in that state simply because I am not a resident? (I am sure that everyone that has had the pointy end of a barrel stuck in their face will appreciate my candor - our enlightenment came at the gates to Mickey Mouse's kingdom in Orlando).

Keep it coming guys, this is a great education for a guy like me. And it is honestly appreciated. Excuse me while I go kick myself. Doh.
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