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Originally Posted by Z71bill View Post
How do you know they will never give up gun free zones?

Your assumption is just that YOUR assumption. You could be right - but you will never know until you start negotiating.

BTW - I have had someone offer me MORE than I wanted MANY MANY times.

You know what I do then?

Ask for even more.

But honestly I bet I have paid more than I would have had to many times also.

One of the worst situations is when you are in a position where every option is BAD and you are just trying to negotiate so you lose the least.

Which is exactly where we will find ourselves after another school gets shot up and 20 more kids are dead.

Damage control VS being proactive.
I'm going to try one more time, then I'm through. We obviously disagree.

Here's the deal. You do not offer one infringement on a God given right for another one and think you have won. You do not offer to allow an infringement if a different one is taken away. That's not negotiating. That is trading one devil for another.

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