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Originally Posted by Z71bill View Post
You have to start the process from where you actually are - not from some ideological dreamland of where you think you should be.

Face the fact that some of our rights have been "infringed".

You are saying there is nothing in the existing gun laws you want to get rid of and would be willing to trade for UBC?

One of the BIG mistakes many make is assuming the other side will not give on some things.

How about if (in a state that schools are gun free zones) we propose extensive background checks & training for teachers that want to (their choice) CC while in school?

Would you agree to these BGCs? Or

Would you stand on principle and say no BGC should be required?

I have been in many negotiations with people I hated - that does not mean I refused to negotiate.

Few things feel better than negotiating a good deal with an enemy. By good deal I mean one where you get way more and give up way less.
Trading one infringement for another infringement is not negotiating. Please explain anytime in history that we got more than we gave up when it comes to gun infringement. I'm using we and including you in the we, but I'm still skeptical you are part of we. You are the one living in fantasy land if you think we (Gun owners/lobbyist) can convince the antis to allow guns in schools or any of the other things on your "wish list" for UBC.

I see you have abandoned your inaccurate analogies. That's a good first step.

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