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Milling Glock 30 slide to 36 width... insanity

As many of you probably already know, Glock will not sell just a slide or receiver to "normal" buyers. As such building something like a gen 4 30s becomes a very expensive endeavor.

My questions are:

1. What are the internal measurements of the Glock 30 and 36 slides respectively? In particular the extractor and the barrel relief (the opening where the barrel sits, not the muzzle hole) in relation to the bore centerline and the exterior planes of the slide?

2. Any blatant problems with milling 1/16" of a inch off each side of the slide to mimic the .14" width difference between the 30 and 36? (obviously this may be answered once internal measurements are posted)

3. Are there any slide dimension differences aside from the recoil spring diameter between g30 and the gen 4 g30?

4. Why has lone wolf not made a 36 slide yet and completely monopolized the market?!

I am assuming there will be no problems with the slide lock being that no one has reported a problem with a 36 slide locking open on a 30 frame.

I would appreciate any and all measurements you guys can provide from all g30 and g36 guns. All generations and any measurement you can get off the slide. With enough measurement submissions the law of averages will work out any deviations.

Obviously I am crazy for even posting this question, but my dream gun of a gen 4 g30s with an rmr melted as low as possible is an insane proposition in and of itself.

Use this information at your own risk! Do NOT mill anything on your gun! That's my disclaimer before anyone asks.
Wtb: the first gun I ever bought, again. Gen 1 Glock 19 with a nick under the recoil spring on the receiver where I dropped it.
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