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Originally Posted by devildog2067 View Post
Apparently, you can't read legends either.

I've posted three graphics: one (the first one, that you're responding to here) is the overall California average. The second shows Sacramento, Milwaukee, and Madison. The third shows San Diego specifically.

All tell the same story. You are wrong. Demonstrably, statistically wrong. No matter how much you want to believe it, what you think simply isn't true.

That doesn't change the truth about the street you grew up on or whatever. I don't know why the prices have increased so much there. But on average, prices vs. income are right where they've been for most of recent history.
For some reason only the one graph was showing when I was looking at the thread, but I do see the SD graph now, not the third though.

Draw a line through the SD graph and it will have an overall upward long term trend showing an increase in the ratio of income vs housing prices.

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