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Originally Posted by motorcyclist View Post
A old Lyman spartan "C" single stage. I bought it with a bunch of other reloading equipment for cheap. It had never been mounted or used. Works fine but not the most leverage. I like the open front a "C" type has (left handed). I played with a Lee "O" single stage and kept hitting the front of the press with the back of my hand. The T-7 has the same open front.
Sounds like you have thought this through. T-7 is a great press. Convenience of the turret is die setup. Not much faster then the SS. You could do a bushing system on the Hornady or add it to the RCBS. No more die setup like that either. But no open front like you want.

You may want to consider a Dillon 550 BL or RL. Both are left hand friendly.

T7 is the nicest Turret. LCT is not as nice but a lot faster. I don't find my left hand hits the rod on my LCT.

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