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Originally Posted by High Altitude View Post
It is a real world example that is 100% true.
I don't doubt that your example is 100% true. I'm sure that you can point to a house, or houses, that "prove" your case.

But your statement:

Cost of living vs income is definitely worse today compared to 15 years ago and as well as when my dad was my age even with the same standard of living.
is about averages, by definition. And like I said, this statement is demonstrably false when you look at California housing and incomes.

Your graph does not show Socal housing as used in my real world example.
It's not "my" graph. It's a graph that was created by Los Angeles County. Last time I checked, Los Angeles was in Southern California.

Your issue is that you don't understand the difference between an anecdote and data. Yes, you have personal experience with a single data point. Yes, that can be emotionally powerful. But it doesn't--can't--tell the whole story, and the whole story is that on average, you are wrong. That's what the numbers say. No matter how much you want to believe differently, the numbers are what they are.
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