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Originally Posted by collim1 View Post
All of my local privately owned shops either have snap caps or will allow you to dry fire the guns in the store.

Big chains are the ones I see that have trigger locks that can't be removed and wont allow dry firing or field stripping of the gun for inspection.

I wont buy a used gun if I can't cycle the action, field strip, and dry fire the gun.
I was surprised that Cabelas let me dry fire all the guns I looked at the day I bought my FNX, and I would not have purchased from there had they not. One of the lgs here will let you, one won't. Dunno about gander mountain but I'd guess they won't let you try triggers. I don't need to field strip but I do like to dry fire and test the action- if I can't I figure I might as well save the money and order it sight unseen.

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