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Originally Posted by rgregoryb View Post
your prunes not working? Wow, you are one special person. and it's hear, not here.

I work PT in a LGS (retired just making fun money) and we let people dry fire the guns (no to rimfire) once or twice. Tell some one they can dry fire a revolver and they usually do 6-12 pulls in one second.
I believe the last part.

Went looking for a airweight s&w last year, found the lgs had one so I asked to look at it. The kid behind the counter picked it up, spun the cylinder as hard as he could and tried to whip it shut. Of course he failed to shut it so he smacked the gun and cylinder into the palm of his off hand to close it. Then hands to me and says, "just don't pull the trigger cause that hurts it". SMH. I'm surprised he didn't spin the gun on his index finger.

I thought about buying one anyway, as j frame triggers IME tend to be pretty decent. Unfortunately the lgs employee told me that the display model was the last one they had. No way was I going to buy that one after seeing him handle it like a tard. Thankfully buds had some in stock one day and I got in my order before they disappeared...I doubt anyone at s&w cowboyed it like the gun store employee.

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