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Originally Posted by ticshooter View Post
Is Gaston Glock on the same level as John Browning? I understand John Browning's accomplishmets with his designs but I also understand Gaston Glocks with his. Browning's designs have been around for over 100 years but it looks like Gaston's designs may be the design of the future if it already isn't.. I'm not partial to either design because I own and enjoy them both. I'm just wondering if Gaston and Browning are on the same level and why?
That's a silly question. If you need to ask it, you won't udnerstand the answer.

John Browning invented the fundamental design principles of just about every modern gun, beyond revolvers.

Gaston Glock, made Browning-derived designs commercially successful in a polymer-framed gun, after other companies, like H&K, failed to do so. (Yes, it is a myth that Glock designed an entirely new type of gun, as anybody who knows guns knows).

John Browning:
Cartridges.25 ACP
.32 ACP
.38 ACP
9mm Browning Long
.380 ACP
.45 ACP
.50 BMG


U.S. M1895 Colt-Browning machine gun
FN Browning M1899/M1900
Colt Model 1900
Colt Model 1902
Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammer (.38 ACP)
Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless (.32 ACP)
Colt Model 1905
FN Model 1906 Vest Pocket (.25 ACP)
Remington Model 8 (1906), a long recoil semi-automatic rifle
Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket (.25 ACP)
Colt Model 1908 Pocket Hammerless (.380 ACP)
FN Model 1910
U.S. M1911 pistol (.45 ACP)
Colt Woodsman pistol
Winchester Model 1885 falling-block single shot rifle
Winchester Model 1886 lever-action repeating rifle
Winchester Model 1887 lever-action repeating shotgun
Winchester Model 1890 slide-action repeating rifle (.22)
Winchester Model 1892 lever-action repeating rifle
Winchester Model 1894 lever-action repeating rifle
Winchester Model 1895 lever-action repeating rifle
Winchester Model 1897 pump-action repeating shotgun
Browning Auto-5 long recoil semi-automatic shotgun
Browning 22 Semi-Auto rifle
U.S. M1917 water-cooled machine gun
U.S. M1919 air-cooled machine gun
U.S. M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR)
U.S. M2 .50-caliber heavy machine gun of 1921 (the famed "Ma-Deuce" weapon)
Remington Model 8 semi-auto rifle
Remington Model 24 semi-auto rifle (.22) Also produced by Browning Firearms (as the SA-22) and several others
Browning Hi-Power (Grand Puissance or GP), the standard sidearm of many military and police forces
The Browning Superposed over/under shotgun was designed by John Browning in 1922 and entered production in 1931
Ithaca Model 37 pump-action repeating shotgun

If you include guns designed by others, based on Browning's designs, add "all automatic and semi-automatic firearms to the list
Now, Gaston Glock:

Glock pistol - same action in various calibers and grip/slide lengths.
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