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Not quite face to face, but definitely too close for comfort... My ex(thank God)wife's uncle was David Parker Ray. Didn't know it at the time. We were both stationed at Patrick AFB, when we went to her home in Albuquerque on leave, we'd go out to Elephant Butte to camp, just so happens that Ray's trailer was out that way. Ex and I were asked to go to the property and water the plants in the yard because Ray was incarcerated for "something". Ex's mom and stepdad took Ray's Chevy dually so they could haul stuff around. First time I found out that it was Ray's truck was when I got in it. The passenger side door and window handles were missing. Seems he and his girl would pick up hitchhikers and prostitutes in the truck; handles were gone so they couldn't get out; take them back to the trailer that he had configured into a torture chamber, and then rape/torture/kill the girls. It all came apart when one of his victims got away, running naked down the road to get help. Rat bastard died in custody, but the family firmly believes there are MANY more victims, probably submerged deep in the bowels of the lake. Needless to say I don't associate with them any more.
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