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Originally Posted by bac1023 View Post
I think Sigs are one of the most popular pistol brands on Earth.
they are...and as much as we lament all the versions of the tried and true P series (along with all the others), they still sell many times more pistols than they did when they just imported them from (W) Germany...

I really think price is what grabs most today first...of course reliability trumps price but not always at first...

...s'funny but a young coworker wanted to buy my P230 the other day but after talking about it for a bit and looking online, when he saw it in the flesh he was surprised by the hammer, decocker, European style magazine release as well as its size (I had told him it was sized like a 9mm pistol)

two other coworkers thought the same...I said you young guys only seem to know GLOCK/Springfield XD type pistols...

I had the same reaction by most when they saw my Browning Hi Power..."what kind of 1911 is that???"...

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