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Late summer 1990 myself and a partner went to the San Jacinto/Hemet, SoKal area to investigate a criminal alien running a sham immigration business. This guy had multiple fraud arrests and a couple of convictions. An informant had given us his address and we were going to arrest and deport this guy.

One weird kink to this story was that the informant told us this guy was in to worshiping satan and back then the area where he lived was notorious for that sort of thing. My parter was not thrilled at the idea of us going up there alone and I could tell the satanist thing had him creeped out.

The day came and we both had our primary handguns and BUGs and I also had checked out an 870. I told him we should be ok and to just play it cool. The drive from the OC took about an hour and a quarter. When we arrived in San Jacinto we went to the post office but there wasn't anybody there that could help us. This was before Garmin and computers so Thomas Guides (which we didn't have for Riverside County) and fold out maps were it.

Eventually, we found the place outside of town at the end of a long driveway at the top of a hill. We approached with caution and got out to check the residence.

This is what we front door, just a hippie bead thing hanging from the door frame, the windows had no glass, just homemade curtains and general disrepair and clutter all over the outside...and bones...lots of animal bones...skulls of birds, dogs, cats, mice, etc.

My partner was totally freaked out and was quickly returning to the car for the shotty...I called out the guys name several times but got no answer. Since there was no door I took a quick peek inside and immediately wished I hadn't. The smell was horrid and there was blood splatter everywhere. I backed out real quick gagging from the filth...and thats when a sheriffs car pulled up.

They had the guy in custody. He had killed his girlfriend for some weird satanic deal. They hadn't even been to his house yet. My partner and I went to the Riverside County Jail just to verify it was the guy and sure enough, it was him. Lots of what if on the way home.

I've seen a lot of murders in my day, including arresting a serial killer. A lot of them have those eyes. No conscience at all, evil.


...most men and women will grow up to love their servitude and will never dream of revolution.
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