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Originally Posted by F350 View Post
I read another interesting stat the other day: enough firearms were sold in NOV & DEC to arm the armies of China AND India. On top of the number of arms in civilian hands already it is going to a massive effort to try to even register them all.
And once backgound checks are in place, all it will take is a law mandating that they - EBRs - be papered as if NFA and with an amnesty period for everyone to git 'er done.

The masses of law abiding citizens will send in their form 4s. Just as law abiding citizens always obey laws.

It may take the ATF years to sift thru the pile of forms, but it will be eventualy be done and they will know who has what right now.

Next time you want to sell that AR given the reqt for a BG check - then another F4 transfer of some nominal amount will be a part of the sale process.
And the wait and wait and wait before you can conclude the sale between you and the buyer.

That is the danger of "simple background checks" and how they can be grown and grown.

Just say NO to ANY new gun laws - NONE. NO MORE.
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