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Your story sounds exactly like mine, three or four lite primer strikes out of a hundred. I stripped the slide and cleaned and inspected several times. Didn't help. Very dis-heartened with this wonderful G26 Gen3, I finally asked a knowledgable range employee and was informed that the slide was not going to full battery causing the lite, off-center primer strikes. The cause was me, not the pistol or ammo. Limp wristing? Not me!.... But the problem went away.
You beat me to it a bit.
I would check the chamber for crud and to make sure it is in spec. If too tight, rounds won't chamber all the way.
Also take a look at the [part that gets the groove on the G30sf - the part the trips the firing pin block]. If it or the block is rough, it can drag, causing a slight out of battery, or even drag on the firing pin. I am no convinced the problem is in the striker. If it rattles around it should be fine. Check the extractor for a burr. The rim has to slide up under it and again, if it can not feed smoothly, you can get a slight out of battery condition. Then when you fire some of the force of the striker moves the cartridge forward in the chamber, leaving not enough to set off the primer.
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