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Originally Posted by TBO View Post
Not one bit. The guy was a dope smoker, lived in a crap/flop room, had odd skin (probably from living his skid row lifestyle), but what really stood out were his eyes. They were like a shark, dead, and black. Soulless.
My agency had arrested him on a domestic with the same gal. After being arraigned in court on the charge he was released (misdemeanor). We found out he had a warrant from some place else and went to pick him up. He was hiding, but eventually answered the door. We scooped him up, and guess who was hiding in his closet? Yup, the GF from the domestic. Battered woman syndrome strengthened by substance abuse issues.

She was killed just a month or so later.
That whole story sounds eerily typical. Loser cant stay away from him because of the drugs, etc. I know the dead eyes look. I have always wondered if it was from the drugs or the evil soul-less-ness(if thats a word, lol)inside them. Its a creepy look though. I have seen it on other people since and I high foot it away from them!
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