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Blue Dot Metering up to 1.0 grains over. Any tips?

I have the UniqueTek Micrometer Bar installed in a 550. I started using BD a few months ago and thought I was getting a variance if up to .5 grains. My load is 180gr FMJ @10.5 grains as the target (1.255-1.260 OAL) and S&B LP's. I had previously loaded up several hundred that measured 10.1-10.6 when randomly checked. Tonight I was shocked to find up to 1.0 grains! I ended up checking every charge ( 100 rounds ). Brought back memories of my first (and last) # of 800X.

I recall some members stating they run their 180's up to 11.0gr. Any obvious things to check that would cause a full 1.0 grains swing? I realize BD is a flake and does not meter like my PP.

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