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Originally Posted by PhotoFeller View Post
As I understand your position, (1) eliminating complacency makes C1 with a Glock perfectly safe and (2) C3 is less safe than C1 because the former leads to complacency. It follows that a disciplined gun handler who overcomes complacency, as one must do to carry C1 safely, can manage any automatic pistol without fear of committing a ND, including a 1911 in C0.

I'm just trying to understand your logic and its practical application. Applying your logic to a cocked and unlocked 1911 simply amplifies the need for handling perfection with a firearm that is less tolerant of careless mistakes. However, if our handling technique is complacency free, any pistol can be carried in any condition without fear of a ND. Is that a reasonable interpretation?
Do you treat your "unloaded" Glock any differently than you would a chamber loaded 1911?
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