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Originally Posted by Z71bill View Post
If this is correct then why is this not being demanded now?

If the person that has possession of a gun has a legal right to have a gun - leave them alone.

If they are a criminal then prosecute them

Same as now.
If a felon is in possession they should be prosecuted. That is a federal law now. They do NOT prosecute it. They don't persue those that fail the background check now. HIPPA laws keep the medical records unavailable. Only if they are adjudicated is it in a court record.

You don't get it, they have the ability to stop many things now and they don't. Why give them more? It will not work. And then they will say, see universal background check is not enough, we have to have registration. Then that will not stop it. Then they will say we have to confiscate the Modern Sporting Rifles. We will still have school shootings because they will still be gun free zones. Then they will call for confiscation of semi-auto pistol because they are the ones used in most murders. After all they aren't any good for hunting.

They propose many things that wioll not work. Then of course they do not work. Then we must do more for the children!

They are against things that really work. There are two things that keep murderers from recidivism; life in solitary , no parole, and the death penalty. And yet they are against those things. There are two things make recidivism among child rapist zero: life in prison, no parole, and the death penalty. And they are against those. They want to reform child rapists.

When you suggest something that has proven to work, we will listen.

Having armed good guys at schools has worked. They poo-pooed the NRA suggestion.
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