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Originally Posted by splitfinger09 View Post
This was posted anonymously by someone claiming to be USMC.

"I am an Iraq and Afghan Veteran with the USMC. We didnt even carry our weapons at condition 1 the entire time while in country. We only went condition 1 when we went outside the wire. SO why if I was condition 3 while in Iraq would I need to be condition 1 while carrying around town? A weapon does nothing if you dont have situational awarness. Please people carry condition 3 and if you sense danger go condition 1. Because as he said NDs are WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more common than a shootout at Starbucks!!!!!"
I have spoken my opinion already and am in no way trying to argue but this quote is a lil off in my opinion.
He said that they only carried c1 when outside the wire. During civilian carry in this country there is no inside or outside the wire.
I carry c1 but I'm an Leo and am used to it (by no means am I better than anyone) but it is what I am used to and like.
I am always aware of my surroundings but there are some places that I feel more comfortable than others to let my guard down a lil.
But in my opinion that I gathered from having a bunch of buddies in different branches of the military, from seals, special forces and regular military. When behind the wire for the most part you don't have to worry about an armed confrontation inside the wire (only rockets,mortars and sniper fire).
I guess what I'm tryin to get across while a lil deep in the captain Morgan is that it's comparing apples to oranges
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