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Originally Posted by motorcyclist View Post
9mm, 40S&W and .223 are what I load mostly. I do .380, but not in any quantity. I will start 8mm Mauser soon. I thought about the Lee classic but there's not one to be found. A used one on Ebay is up to $150! $40 more than new. The indexing is something I probably wouldn't use. I like batch loading. I clean a batch of brass, I size a batch... I just hate though pulling the bullet seat/crimp die after getting it just right. A turret sounded like a nice (and affordable!) next step. A progressive is out of my price range, never mind setting one up for 5 calibers. I can have a T-7 delivered for under $300. Not bad for a quality press that will out live me and almost "free" after making a nice profit selling a AK.
During my progression from single stage to high end Dillon, I too made a stop at the turret press. It worked ok but I was using a Ponsness Warren MetalMatic and it had the advantage that the shell holder moved, not the die head. It also had the capability of setting up two calibers on the same die head. Oh well, that was a long time ago.

You should read through the stickies at the top of this forum. There's some good info.

The Lee Classic Turret (LCT) is cheaper than a T-7 by quite a bit. Adding additional calibers is not very expensive.

The preferred LCT kit is sold by Kempf because it includes a set of dies and doesn't include the Lee scale which some folks don't like.

I'm not sure about stock versus back order. Reading the web page, it seems like they are just about able to meet demand.

This press will make about 250 rounds per hour and changing calibers is quite simple. BTW, take advantage of the powder measure upgrade when you order the kit.

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