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9mm, 40S&W and .223 are what I load mostly. I do .380, but not in any quantity. I will start 8mm Mauser soon. I thought about the Lee classic but there's not one to be found. A used one on Ebay is up to $150! $40 more than new. The indexing is something I probably wouldn't use. I like batch loading. I clean a batch of brass, I size a batch... I just hate though pulling the bullet seat/crimp die after getting it just right. A turret sounded like a nice (and affordable!) next step. A progressive is out of my price range, never mind setting one up for 5 calibers. I can have a T-7 delivered for under $300. Not bad for a quality press that will out live me and almost "free" after making a nice profit selling a AK.
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