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Newbie AR question

I bet I'm the first to ask this question. Haha. I want to buy an AR-15 type gun and slowly modify the thing as I learn more about how. I'm patient and willing to take my time reading and learning but do not know where to start.

What are some brands to look at for a complete gun that would be a nice starter AR-15 to add better parts when I get the funds? One I can enjoy shooting along the way of modifying.

Where can I educate myself about the subject? I will continue to read this forum's AR section, but I've seen magazines and the like. Where is a good place to read and learn what does what and why you modify a certain part.

Where is the most cost effective place to buy? I see guns for sale on brand name gun websites, 2nd party websites, dealer websites and stores. And I know to wait until prices go down following the recent law scares.

Thanks for any help and replies. I appreciate it.
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