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I had a couple of single stage presses set up for precision rifle reloading. I replaced them with the T-7 and I really like the new setup.

I have a turret for .308 and another for 6.5x284 Norma and both have the full complement of dies. Everything is ready to go for either caliber.

Please don't think that this is an acceptable solution for bulk pistol loading. It still isn't a heck of a lot faster than 50 rounds per hour. Whatever savings are realized comes strictly because it isn't necessary to change dies during the process.

One reason I don't get any speed is that I use an RCBS ChargeMaster to dispense the powder. It's very accurate but slow when compared to a Uniflow powder measure.

You didn't say WHAT you wanted to load. In my view, if you're thinking about any volume at all, the T-7 is better than a single stage but not nearly as fast as a Lee Classic Turret.

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