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New Shotgun

My wife bought me a Winchester SXP Defender (made in Turkey) for Christmas. Have only shot 25 rounds of Winchester 2 3/4 00 buck through it at our indoor range. Holds 5+1 (2 3/4) or 4+1 (3). Our indoor range allows only buckshot or slugs.

I really like it so far. Great groupings or patterns (whichever it is) at 5, 7, 15 yards and all shot stay on the man-size targets at 25 yards. Shoots where I point it...go figure. Recoil is light to moderate and action is smooth and positive. Fit and finish are excellent.

Can't wait until I can take it out to our local desert shooting spot and shoot a bunch of bird shot through it to get the mussel memory.

I added a 200 lumen flash light using Nebo clamp. I look forward to shooting it again at the range with low light to make sure it shoots where the light points :-) Hope the Nebo holds up to the recoil.

I grew up with old Winchester pumps and semi-autos and it feels natural to shoot.

Does anyone own a Defender or have any long term experience with the SXP Defender or recommendations for long term reliability?
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