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Originally Posted by Jerry View Post
Again "recital visual impairment" strikes. The Canadian economy is doing just fine. Out of the mouths of the Canadians. The Japanese economy (after the worst Tsunami in centuries) is doing just fine. Out of the mouths of the Japanese. I could go on and on. SpringerTGO, you are suffering Recital Visual Impairment. Now would you like to get back to the subject at hand. That would be how The Obomination's disciples... "YOU"... said he WOULD NEVER PUSH FOR GUN CONTROL. "With President Barack Obama pushing for a ban on semi-automatic rifles"....

SpringerTGO = Gun-Control Issues

Dawolf, thanks for going me one better. I like!
My pleasure. I would never have said that Romney was my 1st choice, but B.O. would not be a last choice. Instead no choice. So it was easy to vote for Mitt. SpringTGO saying lower taxes on 1% and raise it on the poor? The poor don't pay the IRS squat. But if you at the layoffs and closures thanks to Obamacare, you find the tax on the middle class and below. I talked to a Doc friend of mine who told the Feds are squeezing, and have people denying treatments. These are not docs evaluating insurance claims. They B.O.'s bean counters.
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