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Originally Posted by akapennypincher View Post
When I was in the Marine Corps during the time we were playing Policemen in SE Asia, in the Republic of Viet Nam. U.S.M.C. Force Recon had their own armory, and it was pack full of stuff line Marine did not have. The M-14 was replaced with the M-16 for Line aka Grunt Marines, but the Force Recon Teams carried the M-16, Mini 16's, M-14's, BAR's, and even a few chose to carry AK-47's and other interesting things.

Just donít get you panties wet if you see some Special Forces Personal carrying Unconventional Weapons, as they are Special People who have a lot more training than the want to be Keyboard Commandos on Gun Forums.

Most of the Special Op Personal will never brag about what they did, how many kills they had, or were they were. If they have chest full of medals it is from doing a job well, being recognized for what was just doing their job, and most care little about the recognition, or the medals.

Wow dude. I am going to assume English is not your first language. lol
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