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Originally Posted by TJ Superfly View Post
I was at the capitol today on other issues. The place was very crowded with pro gun people. The senators and Reps were busy with lots of lobbyists. A couple senators I spoke to were confidant that an AWB or magazine limit would not go anywhere. They do listen to voters, so email, call or write letters. Squeeky wheel gets the grease. All these guys want to be reelected.
Today's hearing looked to go well for the Pro Gun side, not that I believe they can change minds already made up.
Tomorrow night at 6 is the last hearing and will be broadcast live online. They'll be talking about magazines over 7 or 10 rounds and that posession will become a felony. You either turn it in, destroy it or you're a felon period. A total over-reach.

I've heard Dayton on this stuff and while I don't think it'll make it past the floor of either the house or senate I don't think he'd sign off. Maybe I'm dreaming... but if they do pass this BS I'll be making my exit plans.
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