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I got my barrel back last Thursday. One week turn around and I won't tell you the price because it was so low. This from a guy who has a long waiting list despite the fact that he builds 40 guns a year. I tried to pay him more, but he wouldn't take it.

It now chambers my reloads perfectly. I ran 50 rounds through it and it didn't miss a beat. I made a dummy up longer than I intend to load them, and it fit just fine, so I have a little slack for reliability. I also made up a dummy 230 XTP at 1.230", which I understand is the norm for Hornady factory ammo, and it chambered it easily.

He also "throated" it, similar to SargeMO's, but nearly as deep. He just broke the edge a bit on the sides rather than making it as pronounced. The gun fed 10 out of 10 SWC's I tried in it before having it tweaked, so the "throating" wasn't really needed, but he said that just by breaking that edge, it will help insure reliability with SWC's.

He peened the link pin so it doesn't fall out, and made a bevel on the rear of the recoil plug just like he said it would. He told me that the cut on the plug makes it contact the frame of the gun instead of the lower barrel lugs, which can help with accuracy.

I can't really speak to accuracy yet because I was shanking some wicked fliers. After all the years of shooting double actions and Glocks, the nice SA trigger is a bit odd for me. Even off a rest I pulled one and it was definately me and not the gun. I'll train with it some more and update on the accuracy.
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