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Saftey of C1 vs. C3

I agree that it seems intuitive that a pistol in C3 is safer to carry than one in C1, but there’s a fallacy in that line of reasoning. Some of you have cited the fact that even LEOs with their greater level of training and experience have NDs and thus C1 carry must be inherently unsafe. In fact a good friend of mine who happens to be an LEO and an experienced gun handler experienced an ND recently that wreaked his hand.

However, the rest of the story is that the ND happened with an “unloaded” pistol. I think if you averaged the number of hours that cops carry C1 pistols vs. the number of NDs they suffer you would find the ND rate to be surprisingly low. Maybe lower than the rate of NDs suffered by non-LEO C3 carriers. And no, I have no data to back up that statement; it’s purely supposition on my part.

The point is complacency kills. And complacency is what causes NDs, not carry mode. And people that habitually carry such as LEOs will be more vulnerable to complacency than most others.

It seems to me that those with the C3 mindset view pistols as either “safe” to carry or “unsafe” based on whether or not the chamber is loaded. The C3 mindset seems to be “if my carry piece is unloaded I can still make a mistake and not suffer an ND". This breeds complacency and violates one of the four basic rules of gun handling, i.e. “treat all guns as if they are loaded at all times”. You might protest that you do that anyway. Well, if that’s so, then you are just as safe carrying in C1 as in C3.
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