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Originally Posted by whoflungdo View Post
So you think the FOID cards which is what you are suggesting, have reduced crime in Illinois and kept the guns out of the hand of prohibited people? You are a Brady clone. You don't care about doing anything to reduce crime or prevent the wrong people from getting the firearms. You admit as much in with your 3%-5% statistic. Did you pull that number out of thin air or can you offer a cite for that? I think we both know the answer to that.

ETA:"Get something worth more" in return? What is worth your rights being taken away and you helping them being taken away?
Not sure about the FOID card - never seen one - never had one. Once you get this card can you buy all the additional guns you want without any additional background check?

Does it allow you to buy guns from out of state gun dealers and have the gun shipped directly to your home?

I do know - I have had numerous background checks in the last 10 years - I am pretty sure I will have many more over the next 10 years because I like new guns.

So from my perspective - the restriction imposed by background checks is already in full force.

So from MY VIEW the added burden of showing my CHL to a guy I just met at a gun show - so I can buy the gun he has for sale is a really small price to pay.

I did pull the 5% & 3% numbers out of my butt - I wasn't trying to mislead you - I said MAYBE 5% or 3%. These are small reductions. But still reductions. You are not saying the impact is 0 are you?

Could be 1% or 1/2 of 1/2 of 1/2 of 1% I don't care - like I said - that is beside the point.

The anti gun members of congress must think this is worth something - and it is worth something to me to shut them up about the "gun show loop hole" and of course as long as I get SOMETHING else worth more in return.

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