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Originally Posted by billn View Post
I finally got it in by pressing the spring all the way down on computer pad and a small 1/4 turn twist. I am not sure if that is the glock armorer way or not.
You did just fine. This is the procedure straight from the Glock Armorer's Manual, ęGLOCK 2009, Page 30:
"If the spring should become separated from the safety, merely press either end back into its receptacle in the bottom of the safety. Compress the spring fully and turn it 1/4 turn clockwise. When the spring is released, it should be reattached to the safety. If the spring is not firmly attached, it may fall into the recess, turn sideways and not provide proper spring tension to the safety."
Typically, you can hear it click into place with the 1/4 turn and it stays attached with a gentle tug.

You were wise to pay attention to get it reattached properly. A firing pin safety spring that has kinked and turned sideways in the recess is notorious for causing a pistol to unintentionally fire short bursts of auto fire (2-3 rounds) with a single trigger pull; very dangerous.
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