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Originally Posted by Jerry View Post
This isn't about Romny. He's not presedent and he isn't pushing for gun control. The Obomination IS president and IS is pushing for gun control. His followers insisted he wouldn't. Romney has no bearing on what they said or what The Obomination is doing. Recital visual impairment just won't allow you to understand that though.
My point is that it doesn't matter who won the election, the outcome (on gun control) would have been the same.
And again, gun control is not up to the president.

But why is it that conservatives feel the need to insult rather than have intelligent conversations? I listen to a lot of conservative talk shows, and it's almost like a contest to see who can disrespect other points of view the most.

There was a time when even if a person didn't like the president, he would show some measure of respect for the office. Also, people would show some respect for the majority of people who voted for the president.
It seems like now that we have people like Rush and Sean, all people know how to do is whine about, insult, and berate people they don't agree with.
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