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Andrew Wiggin, writes: One of the greatest advantages of the 10mm in my book is versatility. Just because I *can* shoot nooklear death blast boolits doesn't
mean I have to.
That is the truth! I suppose it is our nature to push, just to see how far we can go...The 10mm can be tailored with many bullet weighs and styles across a varied velocity/energy ballistics range to suit someones needs! This makes the 10mm one of the best cartridges to handload for, to suit my needs as well!

The Barnes "all copper" TAC XP Bullets work as advertised frrom my limited experience and testing. Would I trust that bullet for self defense? Yes I would!

It does not need to be pushed to 1500 fps to perform as your gelatin testing has shown! 1150 to 1250 fps would be very acceptable!
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