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I see background checks as reasonable but not in keeping with the second amendment and the RKBA without infringement for all of "We the People". Unfortunately, we run into the other HALF or more of "We the People" who would just as soon do away with the 2A altogether.....

I would tack onto that background check legislation a couple of amendments. The first, that "Shall Issue" become universal in every state and secondly that if one of "We the People" has a CCW "Permit" (jeez I hate that word) that it be recognized as valid in each and every state in the Union, regardless of where that "We the People" person lives. I might even consider tacking on "open carry" to nail it shut.

All this having been said, once President Obama finishes stacking the SCOTUS with his people (remember, he only needs one more pro-Obama judge on the SCOTUS) all is up in the air anyway, no?

Originally Posted by eccho View Post
I don't know if I see background checks as a huge problem.

With the exception of my mother, (who I want to carry a handgun for her protection-she wants to)

And my girlfriend (who also wants to carry a gun for self defense)

I would never sell a gun to anybody without a trip to the nearest FFL dealer for a background check anyway.

I believe some information is recorded during background checks about the particular gun that can constitute "backdoor gun registration", but I don't know much about that. Could someone educate me?

I'm not "advocating" mandatory checks, but if I had to choose between that and feinsteins raging hard on for a "new and improved" AWB complete with a magazine ban...
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