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Check out the sight pusher at this is OK). Most robust made pusher I have ever used and being able to use a 3/4" wrench while pusher is in a vise makes the most stubborn sights go in like greased lightening.

No flex or give to this tool and made simple enough so years down the road if you need to replace anything, it can mostly be found at local hardware store.

I covered mine in thin leather in the locking blocks and sight blade. Never a scratch. I got the gunsmith set and haven't found a gun it doesn't work on yet. It's got a great price also. Owner is more than easy to work with and created some extra parts so I could setup 2 presses like I wanted them.

I have no stake but will certainly tell it like it is. Others might have more polish but this one works. No t-handle straining either.

30 years working on guns and 20 years as a licensed FFL. It flat out works.

Added: Know how to properly fit a sight before man handling it into a dovetail. I lightly file(extreme fine) bottom of sight until it goes about half its length into dovetail before pressing. Helps remove the nasty air between sight and slide too. Never adjust the dovetail. Green loctite is also your friend. Add a little and tap slide with rubber tiny hammer to vibrate the green in and under.

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