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Originally Posted by eccho View Post
I don't know if I see background checks as a huge problem.

With the exception of my mother, (who I want to carry a handgun for her protection-she wants to)

And my girlfriend (who also wants to carry a gun for self defense)

I would never sell a gun to anybody without a trip to the nearest FFL dealer for a background check anyway.

I believe some information is recorded during background checks about the particular gun that can constitute "backdoor gun registration", but I don't know much about that. Could someone educate me?

I'm not "advocating" mandatory checks, but if I had to choose between that and feinsteins raging hard on for a "new and improved" AWB complete with a magazine ban...
It's a problem because if you give an inch,they'll take a mile. It's a baby step toward a total gun ban, an infringement on the second amendment. As of right now there is no federal log of guns/owners. The only documentation is with the ffl that the gun was originally purchased from, and it is only there for 10 years.
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