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Network file copy speed problem

I have to admit this one has me stumped, so I wanted to see if anyone here has seen this, or may have an idea what may be causing the slowdown.

A picture is worth a whole page of text in describing what's happening, so I've attached an image that shows where the slowdown is occurring when moving a 3meg file around from system to system. It doesn't matter what file transfer method is used, I've tried Explorer, Robocopy, FTP, FileSync, etc.

It also doesn't matter whether I'm on #3 and copy the file over from #2, or whether I'm on #2 and copy the file over to #3. Any traffic from #2 to #3 moves at a crawl. I've tried canceling the copy once it starts and it takes the same 3 minutes or so to cancel the operation as it does to make the copy.

Checking the interface and tcp settings using 'netsh' all the settings are identical on both Win 7 systems as I expected, as everything else is working perfectly. I've been Googling and can't find anything similar, as slowdowns always affect both directions, I can't find anything regarding a slowdown in one direction only.

Anybody have any clues?
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