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Originally Posted by ateamer View Post
Having had maybe more than my fair share of injuries and made it back from all so far, I have right about no tolerance for cops who are fat, out of shape loads simply because they are too lazy or indifferent to exercise and eat better. It really doesn't take much to be in minimum acceptable condition, but it's way too much to ask of some. There is almost always a way to work around an injury. If you can't run, ride a bike or swim. Just do something, and quit eating at McDonald's and 7-11.

Those who will not work out have nothing those who cannot work out.
I agree. A female I work with (who thankfully rides a desk now) has horrible legit foot problem that have needed surgery in the past. But every day for lunch she's munching on Wendy's, McDonald's, or some deep fried something or other. She's gone from being chubby 10 years ago to being a tank now. I don't get it.
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