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Originally Posted by dm1906 View Post
This is curious. I've fired thousands rounds lead in several Glock pistols and never seen this. Maybe a better lube is in order? I dunno. If lube got into the inerds, I can see this happening in really cold temps. It's possible the lube vapor condensed on the cold metal. Paraffin and bees wax will do this. If the case wasn't sealing the chamber, you'd see other signs of it. Eventually, you'd have ejection and/or chambering issues, even with an OEM barrel.

What load was this? (bullet, powder, charge, lube)
Bullet is a 200 custom mihec mold. Flat nose. With 7.8 longshot. Tac 1 for lube. Lone wolf 6 in barrel.

My new loads are are hotter. Maybe they will seal better.

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