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I have a P239, P220 and 1911-XO at the moment and will probably have a P229 and P229 Elite within a week or so.

The XO is the best shooting 1911 I have, even when compared to a Colt Gold Cup. I really like that gun! I like everything about it and especially the trigger.

The downside to the Sig 1911s is that they don't fit traditional 1911 holsters. The slide profile is different. Sig makes a Serpa style holster that works well but I don't think I like Serpa holsters for 1911s. Don Hume makes a leather holster but it took a while to get one (6 months or so).

I have read that the newer Sig 1911s will use a more conventional slide profile but I haven't seen one.

If I were buying yet another 1911, I would put Sig at the top of the list.

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