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I'm a Sig Armorer and am issued a P228 (M11). Over the years, I have owned just about every make and model of Sig and had as many as 20 at one time. I currently own 2 Sigs (traded one away last night), a P6 and a P239. Having been a big Sig guy over the years I can tell you that I am not as impressed with their latest offerings as their earlier guns. They are fine weapons, but in my opinion, not worth the money they are asking for them. I prefer the older, folded steel slides and all-German made guns.

My beef is that their prices continue to rise while they are taking cost-cutting manufacturing steps. They use MIM parts now and I have witnessed several take-down levers breaking, making it next to impossible to take the gun apart after it breaks. The overall quality of craftsmanship has gone down. They've had to replace agancy P229s because their slides were milled wrong and causing feed issues because the barrel was binding in the slide. What did Sig do after? Put the bad guns into circulation as CPO guns.

Early Sigs: P225/P6, folded Steel Slide P220, folded steel slide P226, early P229s, early P239s, and P228s are great.

If you want a 1911, I would get one from a company that specializes in 1911s. I had a Dan Wesson vBob Valor and it was an outstanding 1911.

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