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Originally Posted by Arc Angel View Post
Yup! That's about it. I've seen faster; heck, I've been faster; but, now that I'm old, the guy in the video is about as quick as I'm still able to be.

If anyone is wondering about the actual time differences? A good pistolero will add no more than .25 second to his shot speed; a decent gunman will add between .35 and .45 second to his shot speed. The last time I was timed (a few years ago, now) the best I did was .38 and my averages ran between .42 and .47 second.

Is there a disadvantage to the, 'Mossad Draw'? Yes, you've got to employ both hands - Internet ballyhoo aside, that's about it! Some people say that this is a huge disadvantage IF you get hit in an arm, and have one limb out of commission.

However, anyone who gets hit anywhere is - as long as he's not running on, 'pure adrenaline' - probably going to be out of the fight. If not permanently then, at least, for the moment. All bullet wounds hurt; so the, 'you've just been shot in the arm' objection tends to be highly prejudiced. The trick, the art, is simply not to get hit first - Period.

It can, also, be a mistake to assume that just because you're in C-1 you're going to be faster than the other guy and win the fight. In the real world (off the Internet) that simply isn't true; AND, I am, also, 100% certain it isn't true. There are an awful lot of, 'C-1 Glockeroo Cowboys' out there who represent a serious potential danger to their: families, friends, all strangers they come into contact with, and themselves as well from unnecessary daily C-1 carry.

Still, I've been on the Internet long enough to know that there's just no talking to some people; they ain't never been involved in a civilian armed encounter; they're, probably, never going to be involved in any CQB gunfight - anywhere, ever - and, still, they're willing to, 'risk it all' on unnecessary Daily C-1 carry.
Well written post and nice info on the times. I guess two points come to mind.

1. Using the logic in your last paragraph, why carry at all. Most people, virtually everyone that has a CCL/CCW will never be involved in a CQB or any other gunfight? Is it just something to do because you can or it's cool, since odds are overwhelming that you will never have to use it?

2. In that unlikely scenario that you do have to use a gun, the issue is not that you're shot in your weak arm and it's dangling useless (yes, it's possible, but not the more likely scenario), but instead, the fact that the vast majority of armed encounters are very short distances. So, either A. that half second may very well be a factor if the person is 5 yards away, and B. it is very likely that you will need to try and hold off an attacker with your off hand, while drawing and point shooting with your strong hand (the reason this is routinely taught in self defense classes).
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